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Bettina J. Applewhite

I’m Bettina J. Applewhite. I’m a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist, School Nutrition Specialist, and all-around Foodie. I’ve had a passion for food and sharing that love of food with others since childhood. In my teenage years, I started cooking at home for my mom. I learned from watching cooking shows and studying cookbooks. As I continued to cook family dinners, I was able to explore more foods and exotic dishes.


Growing up in the South, I was surrounded by good food all the time. My interest in food only became greater as I began to travel and explore different cultures through people and their food. My first international trip was to India as a high school exchange student. I always knew I wanted to travel but that trip solidified that traveling is part of my DNA.  Since then, I’ve ventured abroad several times and even became an American immigrant in Tanzania. I like visiting the touristy places but the local restaurants and food stalls are the best places to find out what the locals really love and how they really live.


When I had to start a career, It was important for me to blend my love of science with my love of food. I gained my masters’ degree in Integrative Bioscience with a concentration in Nutrition and became a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist working in the Baltimore Metro area. I started working as a clinical dietitian but would always give my 2 cents in the kitchen. I started monthly theme meals to keep my residents excited for something new. After figuring out that I couldn’t leave the kitchen, I began a career in foodservice leadership.


School nutrition is where I’ve found my niche. I became a credentialed School Nutrition Specialist. I enjoy sharing my love of food with younger generations. Seeing students taste something new sparks joy in my life. Sometimes it’s a common fruit or an exotic dish. Whatever it is, making food fun is important.


Sharing food is my way of sharing my love. I’ve been throwing dinner parties since before I even had a place of my own. In college, I would convince my big brothers and sisters who lived off campus to let me borrow their kitchens. I would invite people over (to other people’s homes… smh) just so that we could share a meal together. Before I bought furniture for my new house, I was hosting brunch. Food isn’t meant to be hoarded. It’s meant to be shared.


So, come on some adventures with me! We can share our foodie experiences together!

Bettina J. Applewhite in Japan
Bettina J. Applewhite
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