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25 Party Questions Your Ladies' Luncheon

25 Icebreaker fill-in-the-blank questions to get your party started

One of my favorite parties to throw is "for ladies only" because we get the time to let our hair down or get dressed up and just celebrate being female. I may be a bit biased but I think all my friends are awesome, and they have inspired and encouraged me often. I want them to be able to share their talents and advice with others. The best way to get conversations going is by asking questions! I usually put questions in a bowl and let people pick a question out of the bowl and then they have to answer the question. And other people can chime in as well.

These questions are fill-in-the-blank and open ended so that people can go with whatever feeling or current events are going on at the time. Sometimes multiple choice questions bring a lot of fun but these open ended questions bring up the most conversation. Conversation brings about connections and great advice to a group. You never know what hidden talents your friends have until you ask.

The questions can be as silly or as serious as you want them to be. This list below is a good start.

  1. My favorite go-to meal is _________.

  2. When I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up to be a __________. Now that I'm an adult, I'm a ___________.

  3. When I feel sad or discouraged, I do this to immediately cheer myself up.

  4. My best piece of financial advice is to _________.

  5. I can't believe nobody told me about __________.

  6. It's amazing that I was able to get over ________. I got over it by _________.

  7. The one thing I would want my son to understand about being a lady is _________.

  8. I think every woman should do this _________ at least once in their lifetime. I did it and it helped me because I _________.

  9. I just accomplished ___________ (life milestone). I did it by __________.

  10. I can't believe how much my body changed after _____________.

  11. I keep myself organized by __________.

  12. I relax and recharge by _____________.

  13. I was surprised to find out that ________ was nothing like what I saw on TV or in the movies.

  14. I wish men could feel or understand ________ about women.

  15. I take care of my body by _________.

  16. The lady I admire/inspires me most is ___________ because she __________.

  17. I've had to stand up for myself during this situation: ________, and the outcome was ________.

  18. The thing I do daily to keep my sanity is __________.

  19. I would give my younger self this advice: _________.

  20. The one thing I would want my daughter to understand about being a lady is _____.

  21. I wish that _______ (celebrity woman) would stop speaking for us. She's giving us a bad name.

  22. The hardest thing I did was _______. I was able to beat the challenge by _______.

  23. I never leave my house without first doing this: _________.

  24. It took me 20 years but I finally ________.

  25. The household chore that I hate the most is ________. Does anyone have a way that they can share to make it easier?


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