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  • Bettina Applewhite

Moroccan Dinner Party Decor

I hosted a Moroccan dinner party. Sometimes you want build an ambiance and feel like you've been transported to another place. By bringing in some vibrant colors with florals and tablecloths, you can transform an evening.

I made this tablescape by making sure it was making it colorful. I used a navy blue tablecloth and turquoise napkins. I used gold accents to brighten up the look. I used my gold flatware and asked the florist to use gold vases as well.

Sometimes I will make my own floral arrangements but this time I knew I wanted multiple small bouquets with reds, gold, and orange colors. I worked with a local florist to give me the exact look I had in my mind.

I was very pleased with the roses and tropical flowers. I added some green for fullness with less cost. The colors made me so happy. They are bold and what you think of when you think of Morocco. It's so much easier to gather different colors in your flowers and make it a sophisticated soiree than to spend so much on a pattered linen.

You can fill in the blank spaces of your table with tealight candles. I had some tealights with a gold rim so they were perfect to go with the decor. I used plain white plates and salad plates and water glasses. Theses are staple items that go with everything. You can have simple white plates that you can use over and over again or rent them from a party rental store for really cheap. The costs of rentals start going up in price when you add patterns and specialty plates to your list.

For this party, I had a full menu. I started with a mezze platter and kofta kabobs as an appetizer. I had Moroccan Mint Tea Juleps as my signature cocktail. The main event was fit for a queen. The menu was Moroccan spiced braised chicken, Moroccan roast salmon, Za'atar green beans, and a roasted beet salad with a citrus dressing. Nobody left hungry. And the company was just as good as the food. The video below has recipes and step by step instructions on how to build this tablescape.

You can invite friends over for dinner anytime, but you can wow them by paying attention to details. They will feel special from the time they walk in to the time they leave.

If I can do it, so can you. You can use what you have around the house for table decor or try rentals. Rentals are not as expensive as you may think. If you're going to invest in linens start with basic colors that you pair with anything. You can vary your table looks with accessories.


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