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Quick Bite with Tools: Start with Good Knives

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Good cooking starts with good tools in the kitchen. There are some tools that you just need and the quality doesn't matter. Then there are knives. A good quality knife can make your prep easier which means that you will want to cook at home more.

I like to call myself frugal so the idea of spending a lot of money on a knife sounded absurd to me. But I really wanted to try out these knives that were so called "life changing" so I asked for them on my Christmas list one year. My wonderful Mother bought a starter set of Zwilling J. A. Henckles knives. I got a chef's knife, a pairing knife, a 5" serrated knife, and a sharpening steel.

I have friends who are foodies and about a decade ago they told me about these special knives. To be honest, I was really skeptical because I don't believe that everything that is more expensive is better. So if the quality is the same, I don't believe in spending more for a "name". But let me tell you that there is a difference. The sharpness of these knives are on point (pun intended). It really does allow you to go faster and gave me a lot more confidence in the kitchen.

Quality knives changes the cooking game. It makes my prep so easy. Easy prep means more cooking!

Good quality brands include Henckle's, Wustof, Global, and Shun. These knives range in price but a chef's knife will start around $100. Sometimes there are sales on these knives so you can be patient to catch the right price. I know that it sounds very expensive for a knife but it's worth it. Just put aside a little at a time and your savings will add up to a nice collection.

How to Find the Right Knife for You

Once you invest in some good knives, you will realize how much extra work you were doing before. And you will become a #knifesnob and will be turning your nose up at all other knives. Don't you notice how the contestants on #TopChef bring their knives with them. They may lose the competition but they at least get to "pack up their knives and go". I'm not leaving my knives! I'm just saying... I'm taking the knives in the divorce. LOL

When shopping for quality knives, shop at a specialty restaurant or kitchen supply store like Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, Sur la Table, or a local restaurant supply store. I know online shopping is really easy now but until you are familiar with a brand and knife that you like, I would start my knife shopping in person. You want to be able to use the knowledge of the sales person, be able to ask any questions, and be able to hold the knife yourself to feel the weight and the length of the knife. The experts know the differences of the brands. You can talk to them about what kind of cooking you do and what knives will fit your needs. There are many different sizes to a chef knife from 5 inches to 8 inches but you'll only know what size is best for your needs with practice. You can't get that experience online. And if you're like me, no matter how easy returns are, they're always a hassle.


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