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  • Bettina Applewhite

Healthy Snacking: Snack Meals

Sometimes all you want is to snack. Who made the rules that meals have to use a knife and fork? Break the rules! Eat with your hands. Snacking doesn't have to be limited to a time between meals. Have fun and be creative.

During the Coronavirus #quarantine, I found myself snacking often out of true boredom and emotion. #unconsciouseating I found that the motion of snacking is what I really wanted. I started building dinner plate-sized platters of all kinds of goodies. This helps to have a plan for your snacking. Meals don't have to be eaten within a certain amount of time. In the regular world, you may only have 30 minutes for lunch but when you're working from home lunch can be eaten over a 2 hour period. You know, during that meeting that still could have been an email.

My snack lunch above is made of tuna salad and raw almonds for protein, cucumbers, raw baby carrots as my veggies, rice crackers for grains and crunch, and fresh sliced peaches. Instead of keeping your fruit whole, slice it so it becomes finger food. You can slice apples and squeeze some lemon juice over the slices to prevent them from turning brown so quickly. During the summer there are so many fresh fruits, wash them and slice them or just have them ready to eat.

There really aren't any rules to making meals out of snacks. Just make sure that it's satisfying. Add in some proteins, something crunchy, some healthy fats, and lots of variety.

This yummy snack meal is made of olives, blueberries, Gouda cheese, red and green seedless grapes, cucumbers, raw green bell peppers, hummus and pita bread. I also found this Armenian dip that's really yummy.

I found this in one of my many trips to the grocery store. Since going to buy groceries has been my only outing for many months, I take my time going through the aisles looking for something new. I found this next to the hummus. I tried something new and liked it! Not too bad for a grocery store run.

Making these snack meals really helped me to offset my unplanned snacking and taking in more calories than I planned for during the day. If you've gained those additional 19 lbs during the quarantine, it's time to start taking control and get back to your starting weight. Snacking doesn't have to mean that it's high calorie or goes against a healthy lifestyle.

This month we went through lots of snack ideas that will fit into your healthy lifestyle. In case you missed it, use the links below for some healthy snack ideas.


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