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  • Bettina Applewhite

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel Sandwich

One of my favorite breakfast meal is bagels and lox. What's wrong with fish for breakfast? Absolutely nothing. This sandwich requires minimal time to prep ahead. All that needs to be completed is to slice some veggies and assemble.

Since this is really just an assemble breakfast sandwich, meal prep is super easy. All that needs to be done to prepare is slice the cucumbers and red onion. While the bagel is toasting in the morning, I bring out all the ingredients. As soon as the bagel is ready, I pile everything I want on my sandwich and tadah. I don't know if this is a meal prep idea or just a quick and easy breakfast. However you want to categorize it, it's delicious.

What's the difference between smoked salmon and lox?

Smoked salmon has been cured and smoked. Lox has only been cured. You can try the different variations to decide which one is your favorite. You may end up with a preference according to use. Maybe lox for bagels and smoked salmon with eggs.

For my breakfast sandwich I like to use plain whipped cream cheese. I like the texture and the ease of spreading on the toasted bagel. I'd rather let the fresh ingredients sing instead of using a flavored cream cheese. But you can use a onion and chive or herbed cream cheese if you prefer.

You may find some recipes have sliced tomato on their sandwich. I leave the tomato off my sandwich. Less slippery when in a rush. Do you have any tips from keeping your tomato from sliding? Leave your tips in comments.

Salmon Breakfast Bagel Sandwich

Serves 1


2 oz Smoked Salmon or lox

1 Everything Bagel, toasted

1 1/2 Tbsp Cream Cheese, whipped, low fat

3 slices English Cucumber

1 tsp Capers

1 Thin slice of red onion, cut in half and separated

1 sprig of Dill


  1. Build your sandwich by starting spreading cream cheese on the cut side of the bottom bagel . Layer with cucumbers, dill, smoked salmon, capers, and onions and the bottom bagel. Top with other half of toasted bagel. Try not to eat it in 2 bites.


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