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Corona Chronicles: Trip to Greece

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

This Coronavirus pandemic has stopped many usual ways of life including travel. Exploring the world is something I really like to do. I enjoy immersing myself in a different culture. Now that we're kinda stuck in the house, I'm missing out on a lot of exploration. It was starting to get to me until I realized that I could "travel" a lot by cooking different foods from different regions and countries.

So every week I've been either reliving some adventures or taking new adventures of places where I would like to go. I started with a trip to Greece. One of the trips I was supposed to take was to that region this Spring but that was canceled due to the traveling restrictions based on COVID-19. Fortunately I was able to get a full refund on that trip. And to that I say hallelujah!

In all the pictures that I see of Greece, it looks like it would be beautiful to see in person. The pictures always make me want to be there on the beach reading some book that will make me want to reflect on life. The water is so calming for me. I always feel not only relaxed but invigorated to take on new challenges after spending time next to a beautiful body of water. A lake or pool or ocean will do just fine for me.

So this first trip to Greece was via a platter of babaganoush, stuffed grape leaves, roasted garlic hummus, tzatziki, lamb chops, and couscous with roasted vegetables. I accompanied everything with some fresh sliced cucumbers, olives, and pita bread. It was all so very delicious.

If you haven't seen my #Coronameals, then follow my Instagram page @BitesWithApplewhite to see all of the meals in real time. For this #Greekmeal I prepared the lamb chops, couscous, and babaganoush myself. I found everything else at the grocery stores and it tasted great.

This platter looks so yummy because I used a sheet pan and brown parchment paper as a foundation for my platter. These are inexpensive and items that you already have in your house. I used some decorative bowls for my dips and olives. I used small, white platter and spooned the couscous on the platter. I carefully arranged the lamb chops so that they look the most appealing. I found a small white tray to stack the stuffed grape leaves. Lastly I tore pieces of pita bread and sliced fresh cucumbers to lay on the platter to fill in any gaps and empty spots on the platter. This platter looks good enough to eat. And that's just what I did!

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