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  • Bettina Applewhite

Super Oatmeal with 3 Tasty Toppings

I like making oatmeal for breakfast. Well, I like making it ahead of time. I want to catch every possible minute of sleep so I meal prep my oatmeal by making it ahead.

There are so many benefits in eating oatmeal. It's a great source of B vitamins. It's high in fiber. It's filling for your morning routine. It's a whole grain. All of these benefits can lead to better blood sugar control, reduced cholesterol levels, and reduce constipation. It's no wonder oats are so wonderful!

I make my oatmeal "super" by adding in chia seeds and flaxseeds during the cooking process. Chia seeds and flaxseeds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber. It's my way of giving an extra boost to what's already nutritious.

I just feel so accomplished when I start my day in a great way. It's a recipe that includes fiber, protein, omega-3's, filling nutrition. It's hard to have a bad morning that way. It's hard to make choices that will make me feel bad about my decisions after a nutritious breakfast. And some of the best parts of oatmeal, is that I can make it so much fun.

One of the questions I get asked the most about meal prepping is "Do you get bored eating the same thing?" The easy answer is "No!" It's because just because I'm meal prepping doesn't mean that I'm eating the same thing everyday. I make oatmeal at the beginning of the week but will use different creative toppings so it doesn't taste like the same oatmeal.

I make vegan oatmeal with almond milk so everyone can enjoy it. You can easily choose regular cow's milk to get even more protein and nutrition. Just try not to use water because what doesn't give oatmeal the creamy texture you're looking for. But in a pinch, using water is just fine. When you reheat your oatmeal, be sure to add in some milk for a creamy texture.

I like using extra liquid when making oatmeal ahead during meal prep. Once oatmeal cools, it becomes stiff. I usually have to add in more liquid to get it to the consistency that I like. I found that the ratio of oats to liquid that I used in the recipe below was perfect, and I didn't need any additional liquid when reheating it. It was perfect for my taste. You can adjust the creaminess of the recipe by using more or less liquid based on your preference. Try it out and let me know what you think. Tag me on Instagram using #BitesWithApplewhite

Super Oatmeal

Makes 5 servings


5 Cups Almond milk

1-1/2 Tbsp Chia seeds

1-1/2 Tbsp Ground flaxseeds

2-1/2 Cups Old Fashioned Oats

Banana Nut Topping

1 Ripe banana, half sliced, half mashed

1 Tbsp Walnuts

Dash Cinnamon

Half a Dash of Nutmeg

Drizzle of Maple Syrup

Mix 1 serving of prepared oatmeal with half of mashed banana. Top with sliced bananas, cinnamon, nutmeg, and maple syrup.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Topping

2 Tbsp Peanut Butter

1 tsp Mini chocolate chips

1 Tbsp Pecans

Top prepared oatmeal with toppings and enjoy. Tip: Try heating the peanut butter slightly for easier pouring.

Mixed Berry Compote

1 Cup Frozen mixed berries

1 tsp Brown sugar

Juice of Half a lemon

2 Tbsp Yogurt (optional)

Heat berries, brown sugar, and lemon juice in a small saucepan over medium heat. Cook until boiling and berries become thick syrup. Once syrup is thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, turn off the heat. You can enjoy warm, room temperature, or cooled. Serve with prepared oatmeal and yogurt (optional).


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